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Paris station panic as man arrested with knife

A man carrying a knife was arrested on Saturday at Paris’s Gare du Nord station, causing brief panic days after the jihadist killing of a policeman, police sources said amid pre-election jitters.

Ironic Hungary demo mocks hardline PM

Thousands of Hungarian protestors brandishing satirical placards staged a humourous but seriously intended demonstration Saturday, pouring scorn on the policies of hardline Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Undecideds: the kingmakers in France’s election

They are potentially the kingmakers in the first round of France’s hard-fought presidential election, but they still haven’t made up their minds — even though voting is just hours away.

The Sun apologises to Barkley over column

Everton star Ross Barkley received an apology from The Sun tabloid newspaper on Saturday over a column that made “unfavourable comparisons” to a gorilla.

Anti-Mugabe election coalition takes shape in Zimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe’s grip on power has faced little recent threat from Zimbabwe’s splintered opposition, but efforts to forge a unified alliance in next year’s election could test his supremacy.

Orbital cargo ship arrives at space station

An unmanned Cygnus cargo ship carrying a load of supplies and science experiments arrived safely at the International Space Station on Saturday, according to live images broadcast on NASA television.

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