Park run storie

Skoonmaak… Wil mens vra wat moes hul skoonmaak?

BRIEF: Respek vir onderwysers

Die ouers het my gedreig met allerhande maniere om my te verneder, te viktimiseer en selfs aantygings om my lewe in gevaar te stel.

The struggle continues

All that the children of the soil know are words, the sound of these words is like music in their ears, there words are; democracy, equality, empowerment and rights. But until this day they are just words and mere promises.

Link Train Times

I think it can be better if you can make the Mamelodi train for 04:30 so to make us arrive on time at work.

Let us save water

Residents and businesses in Gauteng will have to drastically reduce water consumption voluntarily.

An open letter to men

You will no longer touch me because in your small mindedness you think you have the right to do so. I will leave my house without fear of being attacked by you.