Let us save water

Residents and businesses in Gauteng will have to drastically reduce water consumption voluntarily.

An open letter to men

You will no longer touch me because in your small mindedness you think you have the right to do so. I will leave my house without fear of being attacked by you.

Metro’s short-sighted water restrictions

I am struggling to come to grips with the metro’s short-sighted water restriction with regard to swimming pools. The decree is that swimming pools may not be filled with municipal water. Do our smug decision makers realise that a swimming pool actually dies when its water level is not maintained. The pool filter and automatic…

Droogte in dekades

Ons dat die Tshwane-metro daagliks miljoene liters water vermors.

Dear Editor

I just would like to voice my opinion and say that over the last four years, I am proud of the changes in the Tshwane metro. The buses, roads and WiFi have brought a positive side to the city. I think these new structures being put up are changing the lives of many in the…

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