TIPS: Don’t become a victim of bank card fraud

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Rekord spoke to Willie van Zyl, Head of card issuing, commercial and consumer cards from Barclays Africa about card fraud.

“With bank card fraud taking place regularly it is important for residents to know how to be safe with their bank cards,” van Zyl said.

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Van Zyl suggested that card users always kept the following in mind:

– Key in PIN numbers in such a way that no one else can see what the code is. Always cover the keypad with a free hand when punching in the numbers, even when alone at an ATM, because some criminals place secret cameras to observe PIN code punching.

– Set a daily withdrawal limit that suits your needs to protect yourself in the event that your card and PIN are compromised.

– Do not ask anyone to assist you at an ATM, not even a security guard monitoring the ATM or a bank official. Rather go into the bank for help.

– Do not insert your card if the screen layout is unfamiliar. Remain vigilant and register for Absa’s NotifyMe service, which automatically sends an SMS to customers when there is any activity on their accounts – such as ATM withdrawals, debit orders and credit card purchases.

– NotifyMe can be customised according to the types of transaction for which a customer wishes to receive notification, the values of transactions, and also to indicate the times of the day they would not want to be disturbed by an SMS.

When using your card for a purchase, remember the following safety tips:

– Sign your card on the reverse side as soon as you receive it.

– Do not let the card out of your sight for any point-of-sale (POS) or other card-based purchase.

– Review your account statements timely basis; and immediately query any disputed transactions with your bank.

– Ensure you get your own card back after every purchase.

– Never write down your PIN or disclose it to anyone.

– Immediately report lost or stolen cards.

– Destroy your credit card receipts before discarding them.

– Do not send e-mails that quote your card number and expiry date.

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When using your card at POS devices, the person handling the transaction should do the following:

– Hold the card until the transaction is completed.

– Ensure the card security features are present.

– Compare the cardholder’s signature on the card to that on the sales voucher.

– Phone for authorisation if requested to do so by the POS device.

– Make an imprint of the card in the case of a manual transaction.

Online shopping tips:

– Customers should always remain vigilant when shopping online. The best way to protect oneself against cyber-crime is to only purchase from reputable websites.

– Customers can investigate the merchant/website through searching for reviews and customer feedback online. The customer should always check

that the web address of the purchase platform starts with “http” or “https”.

– Customers should also look for a lock icon/picture on the top of the page, next to the area where the web address is typed in.

– When shopping online it is important to keep in mind that not all overseas acquirers (and merchants) are set up with 3D Secure, which is now a mandatory security feature for online shopping in South Africa.

– 3D secure is an additional authentication process where a One Time Pin is sent to cardholders to authorize the transaction.

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