How to be prepared for flash floods

Freak storms believed to be related to the El Nino phenomenon. Image: Pexels Stock images

The summer months last and this year were the hottest in many years, attributable to the El Niño phenomenon.

The phenomenon which is is characterised by a severe weather changes in the Pacific Ocean with a global effect.

One of the biggest effects of El Niño in South Africa has been the periodic and extreme freak storms, especially hailstorms, causing damage to houses and cars.

Michelle van Staden, head of claims at Mutual & Federal, shares some useful tips on how to play it safe in a storm and minimise the damage to your home and your car:

– Avoid driving in hailstorms: Take note of hail warnings, but if you are caught in a storm, pull into undercover parking until the storm subsides.

– Keep a safe following distance: Car accidents happen more frequently in wet conditions as the roads quickly deteriorate. Slow down and keep a safe following distance.

– Keep your headlights on: By keeping your headlights on, you will increase your visibility to other motorists.

– Gutter and roof maintenance: It is your responsibility to maintain your home to prevent unnecessary damage. Clean your gutters of leaves, twigs and other debris. Heavy rains and an overflowing gutter can lead to a leaky roof.

– Surge damage: Be sure to unplug as many electronic devices as possible when a storm starts to prevent damage to your electronics.

If you do sustain damage to your car or home, contact your insurance company as soon as possible.




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