The struggle continues


The struggle continues in our mother land. A land blessed with beauty and wonders of creation. Our mother land, our home, our country.The soil is fertile, the leaves are green, the streams are flowing. Indeed it’s a home and a shelter to multitudes, a home of hope and comfort.

The mother land has all the capabilities and resources to cater for the children of it’s soil. The children of the soil who are struggling until this day. When the sun rises all the children of the soil can see is the beauty of their mother land and the sweetness of its fruits, and when the sun sets they wonder how sweet was the fruits to those who tasted it’s sweetness today.

The children on the soil struggled and many died for freedom. Freedom to taste the sweetness of the fruits of their mother land, is that too much to ask? To enjoy what rightfully belongs to them. But until this day the children of the soil are still struggling to have shelters and to put a decent meal on their tables. South Africa has been through a lot, my mother land is bleeding. The mother land is in pain for her children haven’t tasted the sweetness of her fruits, as she intended.

All that the children of the soil know are words, the sound of these words is like music in their ears, there words are; democracy, equality, empowerment and rights. But until this day they are just words and mere promises. What is democracy without justice?, what is equality without empowerment?, what are rights without rectification?, what is life without economic freedom?

This are unanswered questions until this day. How can we truly reconcile without addressing buried and forgotten issues. We have to deal with our past to be able to shape our future exactly the way it intended to be, successful of course. Then I remembered the words of our forefather Solomon Mahlangu, when he said; ?”My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Tell my people that I love them. And they must continue to fight.” Then I realised that the struggle continues, and the love within children of the soil will bring forth unity and unity is power.

The struggle continues. The struggle for economic freedom, the struggle for dignity and restoration, the struggle to taste the sweetness of the fruits of our mother land. Our forefathers fought and they preferred to die for something than to live for nothing. We are descendants of warriors, we come from a lineage of fighters. We must continue the struggle as young as we are, until our hopes and dreams become a reality. South Africans deserve much better!

I thank you for taking your precious time to read the message from the heart.

Eric Shikobela

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