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The Anti-Racism Network of SA (ARNSA) is encouraging residents to support Anti-Racism week 2017.

The week will be held from 14 to 21 March, culminating on Human Rights day, which is also globally marked as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

This year will mark the second annual Anti-Racism week, hosted by the ARNSA, a network of some 60 organisations from various regions.

The ARNSA is spearheaded by the Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada foundations.

Last year, the ARNSA drew support from schools, religious institutes, sports organisations, government departments, businesses, civil society organisations, media houses and individuals across the country.

This year, it hopes to increase the effect of the campaign, which calls on all South Africans to #TakeOnRacism.

The basic idea is to encourage people to:

– Learn about racism

– Talk about racism

– Speak out against racism

– Act against racism

Tackling racism can be encouraged through a number of practical means depending on the nature the institutions who want to get involved in the campaign:

Sports organisations

Dedicate sports games to anti-racism during the week.

Consider hosting diversity training courses for members of your sport club.

Host tournaments dedicated to anti-racism.

Let affiliated members or teams that are part of your organisations publicly support Anti-Racism week by wearing a particular colour armband during all their training sessions for the week, for example.

Get sports team members to have round table or informal discussions about issues of race.


Schools can host assemblies against racism.

Encourage learners to present speeches or plays against racism, dress in South African flag colours, learn about racism in the life orientation classes, or host pickets against racism outside their schools.

Consider art or essay competitions against racism.

School newsletters or WhatsApp messages to parents can all communicate anti-racism messaging.

Religious institutes

Dedicate sermons to educating congregants about the importance of being anti-racist.

Host interfaith dialogues.

Discuss issues such as Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

Religious leaders can attend the various activities underway in communities lending their support to the campaign.

Host diversity training courses within religious institutes.

Pledge support

Individuals can pledge their support to the #TakeOnRacism campaign, by using social media to advocate anti-racism and create awareness.

Post a photo of yourself holding up a page with the #TakeOnRacism hashtag.

Alternatively, take a photo of your thumbprint on canvas or a page with the words #TakeOnRacism.

Call out racism whenever you are faced with it both in reality and on social media.

Communities and organisations

Host community dialogues, movie screenings, street dialogues and games all aimed at promoting anti-racism.

Host panel discussions about racial issues.

Posters and art

Put up posters against racism at your workplace, school or organisation.

Art competitions or public art or graffiti against racism could also be considered.

Movie screenings

Host a movie or documentary screening that tackles issues of race and xenophobia for a group of people followed by a reflective discussion.

Workplace discussion forums

Host a workshop or discussion during your lunch break at work addressing issues of race and institutionalised racism.

Businesses can also encourage employees to wear a particular colour or SA flag colours on a certain day, or adopt an anti-racism badge that can be worn to work.

Consider hosting diversity training courses.

University students

Organise protests, sit ins, discussions, poster or leaflet blitzes, anti-racism T-shirt painting and pickets at your university.

Get your SRC and various other student formations involved.

Song, poetry and dance

Consider hosting a poetry contest, a concert or dance competition against racism.

This list is not extensive – you are encouraged to be as creative as possible in planning activities for the week.

Should you host an activity or engage in social media activity, please ensure you correspond with Rekord.

We would like to know what you are doing, where, how and why.

Email [email protected] and include contact details that can be made available should residents require information.

Also, send us photos from your programme, or of yourself promoting Anti-Racism week.

This can be tweeted to @RekordNewspaper or emailed to [email protected]

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