Horrified after reading about poisoned cats

Amelia Stander of Centurion writes:

I read with horror and disgust the article in Rekord dated Friday 10 March entitled Cats poisoned at complex in Eldoraigne.

I can only imagine how heartbroken Mr and Mrs Saunders are after having three cats poisoned by cold heartless people. We, the owners of animals, have to look very hard for the few complexes that are “pet friendly” and it is then my opinion, that if you are not an animal person, you should not move into these complexes.

Furthermore, we regard our pets as our children, so in essence, when our animals are killed, you have killed one of our children. And killed in such a painful way. I hope the body corporate is seriously investigating the matter because if such atrocities are done to animals, I shudder to think what else goes through the minds of those who inflict such pain.

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