Neglected property causes headache for neighbours in Hennopspark

Yet another vacant stand in Centurion has residents up in arms.

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The stand, in Hennopspark is densely overgrown with trees and weed.

It is believed that the owner is currently living in India

Speaking to Rekord, neighbours felt that the owner was neglecting the property on purpose.

“We feel that the municipality should seize the property and turn it into something else,” they said.

One of the neighbours said the property was a health hazard.

“I moved into this house in this beautiful neighbourhood just before the winter in 2016. And when the winter came, the rats moved from the property into my ceiling,” the furious neighbour said.

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He said that the property was costing him and his neighbours money.

“I had to get an exterminator to help me get rid of the rats. I also had to dig deep in my pockets to cut a tree on that property that was overlapping on mine and in my swimming pool.”

These neighbours say that their biggest fear was being attacked in their homes by people going through the plot to get to them.

“There is a gate with a padlock on it, but it is easy for anyone to jump over the fence and come onto our properties. We are afraid to even be outside on our own properties, because we do not know who is watching.”

These neighbours said they were fed up and could not handle the discomfort the property was causing them and their families.

“We have also made contact with the ward councillor, but we are still just left to deal with this mess.”

Ward 78 Councillor Peter Sutton said the Tshwane metro tried to communicate with the owner via email but that there was no response.

Sutton said there were legal procedures that needed to be followed before the metro could intervene by cleaning private property.

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“If the metro would clean the property without following the procedures, it will use tax payer’s money and that will constitute corruption.

I do understand the need of the residents and that is why we are following the procedures, because I cannot expect the metro to be corrupt.”

Sutton also said that he had also attempted to get into contact with the owner.

“I have also communicated this fact with the complainant on more than one occasion.

“The days of a corrupt metro is over and we will follow proper procedure,” Sutton added.

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