Stay safe this long weekend

As the long weekend approaches, the police have provided the following water safety tips to residents.

-Organisers of water activities must ensure that appropriate equipment such as life jackets and a first-aid kit are available with the necessary instructions.

-Special care must be taken at isolated dams, rivers and pools on farms and in rural areas, especially after heavy rainfall. Even a small inflatable pool or bucket full of water is a potential danger for toddlers.

-Be extra cautious when swimming in the sea, even experienced swimmers drown.

-Before entering the sea, swimmers must take time to watch the waves and avoid places where there is a strong backwash, obvious rip currents or a danger of being washed onto the rocks; only enter the water where the waves are straight and gentle.

-If you experience a strong current, get out of the water, or at least do not go in deep.

-Only swim in designated areas, supervised by lifeguards; if the lifeguards give you directions, obey immediately.

-Never swim when intoxicated. An intoxicated swimmer will tire more easily, increasing the chance of an accident or drowning.

-Do not swim in river mouths, dirty water, very early in the morning or early evenings after it has rained – shark activity increases under these circumstances.

-Never swim alone or overestimate your swimming abilities.

-Never leave a young child unattended near water or in the care of another child, even for five minutes.

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The police also provided tips for home safety:

Residential security is a critical component of any personal security programme. The following guidelines can be used:

-Keep all doors locked.

-Do not leave a spare key hidden outside the home.

-Ensure that animals are fed while you are away.

-Ask a friend or colleague to check your residence periodically during your absence.

-Lock all your valuables in a SABS approved safe; this is vital in the case of firearms.

-If possible install burglar bars and gates in front of all doors and windows that can open and a security system.

-Know your neighbours, in this way you can look out for each other.

-Know your family’s movements, especially that of your children.

-Do not drive away before your gate had closed.

-Ask a family member to wait for you in the driveway if you come home late and ensure your driveway is well lit.

-Do not get out of your vehicle before the gate had closed behind you.

-If your gate won’t open with the remote, do not get out. Call a person in the house for assistance or drive away and ask the police to assist you.

-Teach young children never to allow strangers into the home.

-Never give the impression that you are home alone.

-Never publicise your absence on social media.

Safety in a hotel or holiday home:

-Do not discuss your movements in public areas.

-Do not entertain strangers in your room.

-Be alert to over friendly strangers.

-Never leave valuables in your hotel room exposed or unattended, even in a locked suitcase.

-Place all valuables in a hotel safe deposit box or room safe.

-Familiarise yourself with escape routes in the hotel so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

-Use your door chain or bolt lock whenever you are in your room.

-Do not discuss your room number in the hotel’s public areas, and do not leave your keys on a table.

-Keep you room neat, this way you will see if something has been moved/taken or if someone was in your room.

The police wished all in South Africa a joyous long weekend.

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