Tips on cost-effective home security

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Cost-effective tips on checking home security was recently provided by Brinant Security Group.

Spokesperson Martin Barnard said it was important to know your neighbours as they were the ones who could assist in an emergency.

“It is imperative to have a good relationship with your neighbours so you will be in a good position to support and help each other in the event of an emergency,” said Barnard.

He said you should always pay attention to what your dogs do when you arrive home.

“Dogs are usually the first to let you know when something is wrong or if there has been a burglary in your home.”

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He said this worked as a safety precaution and not a deterrent.

“Dogs usually react the same way when you arrive home, so if their behaviour changes it could be an indication that you should check the premises before you enter it.”

Barnard said you should ensure tools such as axes, spades, picks and ladders, which can be used in an attack, are locked away when they are not in use.

He said it was important that all doors and windows were locked when you were not at home.

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Barnard said you should always make sure the property’s house number was visible so emergency services could easily see it.

“An alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company, can act as an effective deterrent.”

“It is always important for residents to be in the know when it comes to their safety. Always remember there is no price to the value of human life.”

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