Ruimte road concern for Centurion residents

Recently, a car crashed through a resident's wall in Ruimte Road. Photo: Supplied.

Residents in Ruimte Road in Centurion are concerned the condition of the road could lead to dire consequences.

Recently yet another driver lost control of his vehicle in the street and crashed into a perimeter wall.

A concerned resident, Erika van der Westhuizen said she had written numerous emails to the Tshwane metro since 2015 but her efforts had been fruitless.

In the emails, Van der Westhuizen pleaded for traffic signs and even a speed camera.

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“The number of accidents between Saxby Avenue and Old Johannesburg Road is not the only concern. What is concerning is the fact that there are no barrier alongside Ruimte Road,” she said.

She said there would be serious consequences for the residential complexes in Alan and Jan roads, adjacent Ruimte Road, should a motorist lose control. “There is a possibility that they will crash through the boundary walls.”

Van der Westhuizen said speeding was the main reason motorists lost control of their vehicles on Ruimte Road and crashed into boundary walls. “It is terrifying to see the speeds at which people drive on this road.”

She said she and other residents had asked the metro to put up barriers alongside a specific stretch of the road, between Saxby and Old Johannesburg Road, to protect the complexes and houses there.

“We are also requesting more speed limit signs and speed cameras be erected.”

Van der Westhuizen said they noticed that there were only three speed limit signs on Ruimte Road between Old Johannesburg Road and Erasmus Avenue towards Raslouw – all indicate the limit as 80km/h. “Two signs can be seen driving south and one north, and only at the end of the road.”

More so, she said that according to her GPS navigation system, the speed limit between Willem Botha Street, Rooihuiskraal Road and Gouws Avenue was 60 km/h but there were no signs.

“There are shops and a school in that area but no speed limit signs at all,” she said adding proper signage would help. “There are no road signs at Willem Botha Street that indicate that the road is narrowing and also no road signs at Piet Hugo indicating a T-junction.”

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She said apart from speeding eating at residents’ nerves, they also wanted trees and bushes which had grown wildly to be cut.

“I truly hope that the metro will find this plea in the same manner it is sent, to make Ruimte Road safe road to travel and for the residents who live beside it.”

In her response to Van der Westhuizen email, local ward councillor Cindy Billson said she had heard the crash the night before.

“It sounded horrific and I am grateful to learn that your family is safe.”

Billson said she had also asked for the barriers.

“We also requested for traffic camera boards [warnings] to be erected to enable TMPD to do speed trapping via camera. This also include a request for traffic lights at the intersection of Piet Hugo and Alan roads,” Billson replied.

Billson said the provincial government had only responded to her request that it would investigate.

“The TMPD has also been requested to assist to eliminate the current high speed racing taking place in Ruimte and Alan Street. From the information that was provided to me, TMPD did deploy members in the area,” she said.

“Like yourself I don’t understand why this issue is not attended to and resolved, especially since lives are being endangered.”

Billson said she would seek clarity on why there was limited action on these issues.

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