Tips to fight flu this winter

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The average adult may get a cold or flu between two and five times a year, researchers say.

According to a study commissioned by Pharma Dynamics, almost 40 percent of South Africa’s workforce might report off sick due to colds and flu this winter.

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“More than half of medical scheme members will have run out of day-to-day savings by August every year, which means doctor visits and medication would have to be paid for out of your own pocket,” says financial planning expert Maya Fischer-French.

The reality is cold weather is not the only cause of colds and flu, germs also play a part.

By preventing the spread of germs in the workplace, the consumer can save on their medical savings.

Dettol ASL & Hand Hygiene brand manager Tania Goncalves says there are five ways to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace:

– Wash your hands: If you have come in contact with someone who is contagious, getting rid of the germs with a sanitising hand wash can stop a cold in its tracks. Use sanitising hand wipes or a hand sanitiser.

– Keep some of the germiest hotspots clean: These are your stationery, kitchen, bathrooms, office furniture, printer, telephone. Use hygiene soap, hand sanitiser, hand wipes and antiseptic liquid.

– Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces: door handles, handrails, keyboards and taps are used on a daily basis. Make sure to disinfect these.

– Get enough sleep: A tired body is less able to fight a virus. Make sure you get a minimum of six hours sleep.

– Light exercise: Research presented to the British Journal of Sports Medicine says you are 50 percent less likely to get a cold if you are active.

– Stay hydrated: drinking water can help flush out the germs and bacteria in your body.

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