GRAPHIC: Centurion woman appalled by animal cruelty

"The dog was licking its wounds." Photo: Supplied

A Centurion woman is unbending in seeking justice for a dog which allegedly died at the hands of its owner.

Sonja Bouwer of Bronberrick in Centurion said she was informed by neighbours last week that a dog was in distress at one of the houses.

She said concerns had intensified that neighbours would allegedly knock and leave letters expressing concern for the dog at the owner’s gate.

Bouwer said with some luck, they were able to get to the dog and found it suffering.

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“We found the dog lying in the corner against a palisade fence among dead leaves. Its left front paw had an open wound and the dog had no food, water or shelter,” said Bouwer.

“The dog’s eyes looked up at me asking ‘why’. This broke my heart. According to the owner, the dog always licked its foot and everything to make it stop was done but it would not stop,” she said.

She said she asked the owner if the dog had been taken to the veterinarian, he confirmed he had.

“I contacted the clinic and found out the dog was last there in February. So, for six months this poor animal was in pain and agony and was not taken back to any vet for a second opinion or antibiotics.”

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Bouwer then said after a lengthy debate with the owner, he apparently then said he would take the dog to the vet the next day.

“We insisted he takes it that evening. Around 18.30 the veterinarian confirmed the animal was euthanised.

Why was it necessary for this animal to suffer in this manner?”

The spokesperson for the Tshwane SPCA advocate Jacqui Grove said it was a criminal offence to neglect to ensure an animal received the necessary veterinary care.

“Allowing an animal to suffer by neglecting veterinary care is most cruel and if found guilty the owner can be fined, imprisoned or both,” said Grove.

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She said cruelty complaints should be reported to the Tshwane SPCA at the earliest possible opportunity.

“Our inspectors are empowered by law to act against people who neglect animals and the sooner we become aware of a matter, the quicker we can respond and bring the offenders to book,” she said.

Grove said there was an inspector on duty around the clock. Emergencies may be reported on 083-453-3863/082-807-5671 or during office hours on 012-803-5219/012-664-5644.

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