Centurion licensing office chasing clients away

Annemarie Uys says a licence department assistant turned away when there was nothing wrong with her eye test certificate. Photo: Supplied

A Centurion woman is fuming after she was shunted from pillar to post at the traffic licencing office in Irene recently.

Annemarie Uys of Pierre van Ryneveldt, Centurion, said she had received a text message reminding her that her driver’s license had expired and that she needed to renew.

Uys said, bearing in mind the department’s recent problems arising out of a break-in and theft of machinery, she enquired about the eye-testing.

“I was informed that I can have my eyes tested at an optometrist, who will then issue the results that can be used for licence renewal,” said Uys.

According to Uys, she obtained the eye test certificate needed, before hand then her son Herman went to the licensing office at 04:00 on Thursday to queue up for her.

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But Uys said an administrator at the department rejected her eye test certificate because “the optometrist’s practice number was incorrect”.

“The lady refused to help me and didn’t want to accept my eye test certificate.”

Uys said the woman was rude and sent her away.

She said she returned to the optometrist to obtain another certificate and on her return to the department, another administrator had served her.

“I gave her the certificate which had earlier been rejected and she processed it without hassle,” she said.

“I was dumbstruck so I went in search of the manager for clarity.

I didn’t know what else to do.”

Uys said she asked the manager for a list of optometrists “accredited” by the department.

“The manager said there is no list and apologised for what I had to go through.”

Herman said his effort to give his mother a head-start in the queue had come to nought,and he couldn’t understand why an older woman had to be mistreated like that at the department.

He said he was very grateful she was helped eventually but wondered how many people had been sent away unfairly.

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“I’m very thankful to the ward councillors who also intervened. I hope that the matter could be resolved before more taxpayers are sent away unnecessarily,” said Herman.

At the time of publication, the Tshwane metro had yet to comment.

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