Taxis wage war on citizens

Taxi drivers in the Tembisa are said to be attacking members of the public who choose to use their personal transport instead of the taxis.

A Tembisa man, who asked not to be named, said he was driving to his workplace in Centurion on Wednesday with three passengers. After he had picked up the third man at the taxi rank, four cars sped by and blocked him in from all sides.

A number of men jumped out of the cars and started stoning it with large rocks, shattering the back window and the driver’s side window. The driver was hit in the face.

The attackers pulled the driver out of the car, and threatened to kill him. They claimed to be taxi drivers and said he was stealing their livelihood . His three passengers had since run away.

The taxi drivers then assaulted the man before fleeing the scene.

A metro police officer controlling traffic saw the damaged car and asked what happened. The driver of the car explained and laid a charge at Ivory Park police station.

The man said he spoke to the Ivory Park Taxi Association afterwards, which told him the men should not have attacked him. They should have instead brought him before the association for him to be issued with a fine for “stealing” from the taxi owners.

Ivory Park police spokesperson Warrant Officer Segobela said she was are aware of people being attacked by members of the Ivory Park Taxi Association, but this was difficult to investigate as no charges had been laid against the association. Police have urged members of the public who have been attacked or have any information to step forward.

The victim said he feared for his life, but could not move away.

“I have young children who attend school in Tembisa, and it would be too hard for them to move.”

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Kristian Meijer

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