BREAKING NEWS: Elderly lady attacked with hammer in attempted Hi-jacking.

OrangeFox responded to a woman attacked with a hammer in attempted hi-jacking

An elderly woman was hit with a hammer in a hijaking attempt in Valhalla, Centurion, on Monday afternoon.

OrangeFox security spokesperson Vanessa Jacobs said the woman had just arrived at her house by car in Valhalla when a man with a hammer bashed one of her windows.

She said the woman was hurt and the man pulled her out of her car.

The man grabbed her ring and handbag.

As he was getting into the car to drive away, builders down the road pelted him with rocks and bricks.

Jacobs said the man retreated and fled the scene.

The woman was treated by a medical team of Orange Fox security company.

“Orangefox, ADT, Critical Life Assist and Sector 1 CPF responded to the scene,” Jacobs said.

In another hijacking attempt in the same area, woman was shot in both legs in Wierda Park on Saturday.

Jacobs said three men robbed the woman after spotting her climbing out of her vehicle to close her gate.

“As the woman was closing the gate the men came towards her” said Jacobs.

When she was back in the car, the men tapped on her window and shot her through the glass.

“The bullet pierced one of the woman’s legs and entered the second leg,” said Jacobs.

They took her cellphone through the broken window before fleeing the scene a car.

A neighbour alerted the police and security firms.

Jacobs said Wierdabrug sector 1 (CPF) MonitorNet and ADT were also  at the scene.

Emer-G-med spokesperson Braam Kruger said: “The woman was moderately injured and transported to a nearby hospital.”

Police were investigating.

Gopolang Chawane

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