Hope for deadly crossing

Photo: Kristian Meijer.

After years of tears, petitions and protests, Raslouw might get the traffic lights it has been pleading for at a deadly crossing.

Ward councillor Marika Kruger Muller said the proposed traffic light would be installed on the corner of the R55 and Lochner Road in Centurion.

“The installation of the traffic light forms part of a request by Netcare to have a traffic light installed as they are planning on building a new hospital at the intersection,” said Muller.

“There is also a newly-built filling station on the other side of the road that needs the traffic light to be installed.”

Two pedestrians were killed in the space of one week this month, while trying to cross the dangerous road.

The most recent fatal accident was on the corner of the R55 and Lochner Road last Friday.

Emer-G-Med spokesperson Braam Kruger said paramedics were quickly on scene, but the man was dead by the time they arrived.

The earlier accident was on 5 February, and happened further down the R55, close to Wierda Road.

In March last year, Rekord reported on a mass protest by residents calling for a light to installed, not only to curb fatal accidents, but also to help with the flow of traffic.

During the protest Muller said: “We have been calling on the provincial government to install a traffic light for more than two-and-a-half years, but it still has not happened.”

She also expressed her concern that new housing developments, including a new estate in the area were going to add to the residents’ misery.

Residents have also for years complained about the heavy traffic on the onramp to the N14 highway from the R55.

Resident Suraj Chaithram said: “We are experiencing extremely high traffic volumes in the morning. We need an added 35 to 40 minutes to get onto the N14 via the R55 in all directions and this is from Heuweloord, which is about three kilometres from the intersection.”

Other residents likened crossing the road to gambling with your life.

When Rekord visited the notorious intersection, we found it difficult to cross the road safely, as many motorists were travelling at a very high speed.

“The other problem with the road is that many motorists exceed the speed limit, as there aren’t any speed traps or deterrents.

“Outsurance was called in to assist, but even they weren’t willing to deploy a points man, as it was deemed too dangerous.”

Muller said she hoped the traffic light would be installed soon, to prevent any more fatal accidents.

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