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Hijackings have been a problem in South Africa for decades.

Recently Pretoria experienced a spate of hijackings and smash and grabs that led to police and security company ADT to share helpful tips on what to do when someone was trying to hijack your vehicle.

Police and ADT advised motorists to stay calm when someone tried to hijack their vehicle and save lives.

The SAPS and ADT provided the following safety tips, should motorists be victim of  hostage-takers or hijackings:

– do everything the perpetrators demand

– try to maintain your pride, dignity and self-respect at all times

– keep your brain active by playing games in your mind, daydreaming and reading whatever you are offered

– eat the food provided by your captors to maintain your physical strength

– try to maintain a sense of humour, but do not ridicule the aggressors

– try to remain orientated regarding your movements, directions, time and place

– try to maintain a routine and remain fit, if circumstances permit

– allow yourself to be led by your captors

– try to remain cool and calm

– fall flat and remain down during a rescue operation

What not to do during a hijacking situation or kidnapping:

– do not panic or become hysterical at any time

– do what the perpetrators ask and never offer any form of resistance or engage in an argument

– try not to become abusive and aggressive, lose your temper, threaten or provoke the perpetrators

– do not try to be a hero

– do not try to escape because this could place you at risk   


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