Thank you letter

Kerry Botha wrote in response to Jonathan Holdt’s letter: “No sweet eternity for those living an unrepentant life”:

LETTER: Are we turning a blind eye?

A resident writes: I am writing in connection with a terrible and evil event that happened to the disabled learner on 15 September. I am so angry I can’t sit still since my 9-year-old told me about this and I later saw a footage of the incident on the internet. I hope, pray and wish…

Letter: Thank you for your assistance

Dear Editorial. On July 21, Pieter Opperman and Dalene Visagie were shopping in the Blue Valley mall, when Opperman had an epileptic attack. He never had one before and it was a big shock for Dalene, who was panic-stricken and did not know what to do. Pep stores staff left everything and came to her…

Put an end to illegal dumping

Not only are these illegal dumps “a sight for sore eyes”, but the smells are unbearable.