Building and Materials

AFRIC SAND Sand, Klip, Stene, Bo grond, Speelsand, Brick force, DPC, Lintels, Sement, ens 082‑339‑6135 [email protected] - TI010930

BUILDING PLANS New & additions with approval. Christo 083‑448‑8264 - TI010789

BUILDING PLANS [email protected] 060 357 9027 - OC001867

BOUKONTRAKTEUR 30 JAAR IN BEDRYF Opknapping - herstel - aanbouings en oprigting van nuwe wonings FRIK 082‑801‑3644 - OC001730

ONE CONSTRUCTION Construction, renovations, home improvement and all related work. We do it all. Jacques 082‑875‑7175 - AM021368